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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  December 14, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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day. we will keep you updated. >> wonder if we will get delays close by. a winter weather advisory for maryland part of the metro. it is cod but also sticking and if untreated highways out, there through 9:00 snow showers are possible. more sun this afternoon but think sustained winds, 22, to 23 miles an hour. gusts over 40 miles an hour. the winds will stay in the teens this morning. going to be a big picture. the snow showers are coming from pennsylvania. bigger in new york and new
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england. look at that band of blue across frederick. you can see this on live doppler 9000 hd. those folks in urbana to clarksburg, 270 coming through hyattstown and 355, watch out. the snow extends to bowie, as well. less in virginia. hardly anything in virginia except northern loudoun county on a cold, windy morning where we we have have the winds. they are gusting at times over 30 miles an hour. we are 23 at reagan national. upper teens for the shenandoah valley and that's giving us some fierce wind chills near zero in spots this morning. the latest gusts 39 miles an hour. and we are gusting to 28 and 33 southern maryland. wind advisory until 10:00. winter weather advisory. we could pick up an inch of snow in spots. here's monica with the time saver traffic. >> i need a little extra time, howard if you are traveling on
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the roadways -- i needed it to dust off the car and navigate the roads in the neighborhood. once i was on the main roads, it seemed to be okay. the construction areas. 95 in laurel, construction in the left lane but a good ride in from baltimore. outer bloop loop, a couple of accidents between 95 and 270, happened at 3:00 this morning. those have been cleared. the roads look okay. over to 270, volumes are heavier than normal. i think a lot of people will try to get a heavy start. lanes are open from germantown to where the lanes divide. the roads are clear from manassas to the beltway and over to 95 coming up from dumb fries in to springfield looking good, as well. coming up in my next report we will talk about route 50 westbound. right now the entire mid- atlantic region is dealing with some form of winter weather. as howard told us, you are
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either facing bone-chilling temperatures in the 20s which feel like single digits or you are dealing with snowfall, which although it isn't allot hate left a coating on the area roads creating a problem for the morning commute. kristin fisher is joining us with a look at conditions there. kristin? >> reporter: well, you know, it's cold. this is the first morning i have busted out the snow boots an the first morning it really feels like winner here in the dc area. you can see here in college park we have gotten a quarter inch, just a dusting, a quarter inch of snow, but make no mistake about it, it is very slick. with the winds it is dangerous and we have seen several accidents backing up along this section of the capital beltway. you are looking at a section of 495 outbound. and you can see -- works better when cars are coming toward us
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that light up the roadway. but the road has been plowed but the snow is stacking up on either side and you catch a little bit of that with your tire or an icy patch that hasn't been properly plowed it will cause an accident that we have already seen this morning. plain roads are looking good. the side roads we are seeing issues. this is a bridge over the beltway. of course icier than most roads. big trucks won't have a problem going through here. if you are in a smaller car you are going to skid. as i was driving out here, it is the surface streets, parking lots, driveways where you will run in to problems. as i said we have been out and about monitoring the situation, watching for these accidents and chatting with truck drivers who gave good advice. this is a guy involved in one of the early-morning accidents and he said the thing you need to watch out for the most this morning is give yourself some space, especially if you are
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traveling at higher speeds. what would normally take you 20 feet to stop will take you 40 feet to stop. drive slower and take extra time. for better or worse we will be here all morning long, monitoring the situation and i will tell you what, this morning, this will be your best friend. this is how i'm making it work this morning. back to you. >> very wise decision to pull up that hood. looking good out there. thank you. stay warm. >> be sure to slow down on the overpasses and bridges, as well. one i went over was a little slick. log on to our website for the latest weather and information and delays and closings, as well. here's a look at stories we have been following while you slept. the white house is mourning the loss of richard holbrooke. the special envoy died on monday just days after
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undergoing surgery for a torn aorta. he is also remembered as the architect of the 1995 bosnian peace plans. he was 69 years old. they are celebrating an overtime victory in charm city. josh wilson picked off a pass and returned it 12-yards for the game-winning touchdown in  the ravens win over houston. the win moves the ravens in to a tie with the jets for the two afc wild card playoff spots. one of the most anticipated free agent signings in major league baseball is now over. pitcher cliff lee has inked a five-year, $100 million contract with the philadelphia phillies. combining three leigh with roy halladay gives them the most powerful pitching rotation in all of baseball. a final vote in the senate could send president obama's tax cut proposal to the house as early as tonight. the measure passed a key vote
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on monday. it i includes an extension of bush-era tax cuts for all americans and unemployment benefits. president obama says it proves the two parties can work together. when the bill goes to the house, its future is less certain. the obama administration plans to appeal a federal judge's ruling that declares part of the new health care law unconstitutional. the judge in virginia rejected a key provision that will require people to buy it or face a penalty. it is expected to end up in a supreme court. file a lawsuit or take a payout. that's an option given to gulf coast rose residents affected by the b.p. oil spill. and residents maybe in for a cold shoulder this december.
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some snow flying in the metro. a winter weather advisory in maryland until 9:00 a.m. 678 virginia, you are okay. go to live doppler 9000 hd. we are seeing snow frederick, upper montgomery, in to prince georges, bowie to college park seeing snow. look at this area of blue from urbana up through germantown and clarksburg. right down 270. slick areas there. state highway will get out and take care of this.
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some of the lesser traveled side roads will be problematic. the day planner, temperatures will be climbing slowly. 27 by 9:00. still with snow showers possible. noon a little better, 30 and we will see a little sun this afternoon. by 5:00 p.m., brisk northwest winds 29 and they will gust to 40 miles an hour. 4:41. back in four minutes. here's monica with time saver traffic. coming from annapolis to bowie and the beltway, right now the lanes are open and road conditions seem good. although we are hearing of snow cover in college park. be careful there. in my next report we will talk about the maryland roads. andrea, peggy. >> our time is 4 listen 41. it is time for the first your money report of the morning. jessica doyle has the day off. >> here's alexis christoforous with the business headlines. the federal reserve meets today in washington. wall street is betting the fed will signal it's willing to buy more government bonds if the
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economy needs the extra stimulus. the fed is committed to buying $600 billion of government debt to keep interest rates low and support job growth. on wall street, stocks finished mixed. the dow rose 18 points ofen the day. the nasdaq down 13. gulf coast residents, affected by the b.p. oil spill, could get a quick payout from the company if they waive their right to sue. the quick pay option is aimed at businesses and people satisfied with the emergency compensation they have received so far or who lack the documentation to file more claims. individuals would receive $5,000 and businesses would get $25,000 within two weeks. orange juice could get more expensive. florida has declared a state of emergency because of the severe cold and damage to crops. there is a concern the weather will damage crops. despite a strong november,
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a new survey finds shoppers are more reluctant to spend than last december, especially on pricey electronics. and that's the money watch. for more, you can head to cbs."marketwatch".com. in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. this is the day michael jackson fans around the world have been waiting for as the singers first new album hits store shelves. a new study suggests you might want to increase a certain fat in your diet if you want to maintain brain health. the time is 4:43. we'll be right back.
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here's a list of school closings and delays as a result of overnight snowfall --
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howard bernstein is tracking the weather for us. how much snow will we get? >> here maybe upwards of an inch. locally reports in bowie of snow on the ground. howard county, linda is telling me the ground is covered. up north inning in m.j. county we are ground covered with snow. we will watch that. winter weather advisory issued on the maryland side of the potomac until 9:00 and the mountains to the west we expect a foot plus in the western- facing ridges from western allegheny through southwest pennsylvania p.a.
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morning. we will zoom in and show you a few locations here that we are watching, especially as i said on the maryland side of the potomac. there may be a stray flurry in charles county. when you see the blue showing up on doppler, this shows you more moderate intensity snow bands. south of urbana, west of 270, down through boyds and clarksburg, not boyds, boyds is down here. coming to boyds. clarksburg over to areas down to brink and 27 and ridge in to germantown over to butler's orchard. we will watch it carefully. farther to the south and east. western howard you saw it on the border with montgomery. this goes in to college park and bowie and even in to parts of anne arundel county. west of annapolis is seeing lighter snow showers but it will cause slippery roads the next few hours and that's why a winter weather advisory until 9:00. not out of the question that some of this drifts to the
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metro the dc area the neve next half hour to an hour. back to the weather computer and show you the day planner for today. temperatures have slowly climbing to 30 degrees. the bus stop forecast today, obviously we have flurries and snow showers this morning. watch for that. we have the wind also. very blustery. 17 to 25 t. sunrise 7:18. setting 44:67 but the wind chills are in the single digits. in fact a wind advisory is up for everybody here now. toward culpeper and fredericksburg. we will have sustained winds 15 to 25 or 40 or higher later on today. right now we have gusts close to 30 in washington. 31 at cambridge. pax river 33. 37 in winchester and oakland, maryland where the snow is flying, that's near blizzard conditions in spots with 38- mile an hour wind gusts. temperature-wise, another story
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here. we have readings in the teens and 20s this morning. and right now at reagan national 23. it feels like 12 with cloudy skies. no snow at the airport. west northwest winds at 12 and the dew point degrees. feels like 12 in town. feels like 1 in hagerstown. one in winchester. the wind chill of six in southern maryland and in the mountains, this is why we have wind chill advisories out there. the wind chill in garrett county 17 below. big storm is spinning up here in canada. northwesterly winds. the snow bands continue from time to time. an that's what we will see today. a couple of snow bands even through midday, can't rule out a few to the metro. the mountains been pasted with snow tonight and tomorrow. and our weather will be improving later this afternoon and expecting a flurry and snow shower action to shut down. so, today, windy. we have the snow showers this morning, 30 degrees. tomorrow, 31 tv 2. partly sunny and thursday a light slight
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chance of snow. but i think the system will pass to the south. highs in the mid-30s. saturday night, we will watch potential coastal and bin did anchylo on sunday and monday. monica, happy tuesday. >> i think it is time that i get to park in the garage. what do you think? if you are heading out you will need extra time to dust off the car and navigate the roads in the neighborhood, especially in the maryland area. we will take you to an accident that just happened in silver spring. it is a two-car accident. tow trucks are on the way and apparently some lanes are blocked there, as well. georgia avenue at jessupup blare drive. north side of town, things look good from 95 to 270. take you to prince georges county, route 4, route 3, 301 not a bad ride as you head to the beltway and it looks good to the wilson bridge.
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look at inbound new york avenue here at bladensburg road. a couple of icy spots to watch for. coming up in my next report we will look at the accident at silver spring. >> our time is 4:51. thousands of children will now be eligible for school- based meal programs under a child nutrition bill president obama signed in to law. the help hunger free kids act expands free school meals to low-income students and gives the government the power to make them more nutritious. michelle obama launched a national campaign against childhood obesity and she joined the president for the signing in the district. a new study suggests there is yet another reason to keep an eye on your cholesterol. it could have benefits for your brain. >> it may low your risk of
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developing alzheimer's disease. >> reporter: good cholesterol is not only good for your heart, it may also be good for your mind. >> good cholesterol is associated with a lower risk of alzheimer's disease. >> reporter: a study followed more than 1100 seniors 65 and older in new york city for more than ten years. it found people with higher levels of good cholesterol or hdl had half of the risk of alzheimer's disease. researcher says good cholesterol may benefit the brain because it takes bad cholesterol away from the arteries. that decreases the risk of heart attack and stroke. >> maybe people with a higher hdl have less strokes in their brain and thus are less likely to manifest alzheimer's disease. >> reporter: there are ways to improve good cholesterol. eat more foods such as nuts and fish that contain omega-3 fatty acids, get more exercise and moderate to mild alcohol consumption can help. manuel gallegus, cbs news, new
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york. a toyota recall is bound to impact families in our region. and one researcher says there is something hiding in the mona lisa. before we head to break, it's time for the question of the day. being so close to christmas. today's question is about our favorite christmas movie. >> according to a survey, the majority of your american neighbors selected this as the number one christmas movie of all time, home alone, a christmas story or national lampoon's christmas vacation. the time is 4:53. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] itchy dry scalp?
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welcome back. in some cases a snowy morning across montgomery, fredericks counties in to howard and prince georges and anne arundel. northern prince georges. little band of snow has been going on the last several hours causing problems. if you park outside you will have to dust off your car. we see some of these blues showing up in montgomery county and southern frederick. it is coming at a good clip. the winds are blowing. we have areas from urbana, down 355 and 270 through clarksburg and hyattstown, coming down in to germantown here. between damascus and let's say 355 and 27. closer you get to milestone having problems. toward 108 and 124 as we go through laytonsville and olney, we have some snow and it descends through college park
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and davidsonville and bowie. we will be lucky to get to 30 or so with some snow this afternoon afternoon. the nba champion lakers were in town yesterday. they visited with children at the boys and girls club in mississippi avenue southeast and they have a basketball clinic for youngster and yes they visited the white house as is customary for a team that wins the national title. the first collection of previously unreleased michael jackson songs hit the shelves today. the album simply titled "michael" is pen tracks he left behind in various stages of completion before his death more than a year ago. some are questioning whether he
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even did this these. are you ready for a mystery. a european tv producer say he found hidden images in the eyes of mona lisa. we looked gary in the eye and told him to get to the bottom of it. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: it's been the smile that man kind has written and sung about since 1959. tricky guy that leonardo da vinci. >> it is an optical illusion. >> reporter: the author of math an the mona lisa. >> if you look directly at the mouth, the smile disappears. if you look five degrees or so and come back the smile will come back. >> reporter: the mysterious da vinci remains mysterious, the da vinci code a hit and a tv
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producer says at super magnification letters are seen in her eyes, llv for example. leonardo da vinci, the canvas is old. >> i think they are scratches and in 1954, when he painted the painting i don't think he could have seen well enough to make symbols in there. ♪ do you smile to tempt the lover ♪ >> reporter: oh the imagination she has sparked overtime. >> in a sense, when you look at the mona lisa, what it is saying to you is there is more to me than you'll ever figure out. >> well, that was gary reporting. he isn't the only skeptical scholar. one wrote earlier instead of lv, the hidden letters might as well be bs. that's a quote. >> like they didn't find


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